Our founding team and partners have generated over $50M through personal businesses as creators selling subscriptions, memberships, courses, coaching, and communities.

Frustrated with duct-taping together multiple softwares to build our businesses and communities, we founded a company to build something better.

MemberUp brings together content, conversations, events and payments, within a community first platform that isn't just functional, but also beautiful.

Built by creators, for creators.


Our values inform everything we do.


These aren't just cute statements on our about page

πŸƒβ€β™€οΈ Urgency

β€œDamn. You are on it!” β€” is a common response to our team.


We bring a positive, motivated, intensity to everything we do.

βž– Simplicity

More is not better. We create excellence through subtraction.

🀌 Quality

We exist to build products and experiences that delight users.

πŸ‘₯ User First

We focus on the user first and work backwards from there.

πŸͺ„ Beauty

We believe that products should be functional + beautiful.

We're not just creators with a mission. Our engineering team has also built large scale software projects in high-growth startup environments like Instagram + FluidBrowser.


Amy Sangster

Founder + CEO

Ross Johnson

Founder + COO

Grant Wilkinson

Founder + Engineering

Hunter O'Brien

Founder + Creative Director

Danielle Canty

Founder + Partnerships

Gabriel Avellaneda


Rafa Ponieman


Nick Mueller

UI/UX Design

Christy Bell


QA Tester

Suraj Ramnani

Creator Success