After building quietly for a year we've decided to build in public. New updates and improvements to MemberUp from June 16, 2023 onwards can be found here.

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June 28, 2023

  • Added a new notification indicator to the menu bar
  • Added an indicator dot next to unread notifications
  • Added the ability for users to mark all notifications as read
  • Fixed a bug with deletion / editing of member posts
  • Added timestamps to comments
  • Added recommended image dimensions for Creators
  • Fixed a bug blocking some members attaching videos to a post
  • Fixed a bug relating to one time payments
  • Fixed a bug on Safari that intermittently prevented Creators video changes from saving
  • Fixed an inbox bug where not all community members would show up
  • Fixed a bug that prevented admins from joining once token was expired
  • Fixed a UI bug on Safari causing incorrect profile picture dimensions
  • Added the verified check mark on Creators / Admins profiles
  • Fixed a bug causing intermittent login issues for some users.

June 16, 2023

  • Fixed a bug where Spark where some Spark questions wouldn't rotate.
  • Fixed a bug where the featured video thumbnail didn't disappear when removed.

June 28, 2023

  • Released a new Creator onboarding flow and checkout
  • Released a new spark design
  • Released an affiliate program allowing MemberUp Creators to earn referral revenue.
  • Feed Posts now require titles in preparation for a full feed overhaul.
  • Content library UI Improvements
  • Fixed a bug stopping event dates from being edited
  • Fixed a bug where invited members didn't show in the members list
  • Fixed a bug where the message button on profiles didn't open a chat with that member
  • Fixed a bug impacting the "last online" date showing on member management
  • Made improvements to video uploading + playback
  • Fixed a bug where some members hit a paywall when logging in
  • Fixed a bug causing issues with feed permissions
  • Fixed a bug causing events saved to calendar to display incorrect timezone
  • Fixed a bug causing some members not to show up in the members list
  • Fixed a bug where some users couldn't attach videos to the feed
  • Fixed a bug allowing members of a group chat to change the chat name

July 28, 2023

  • Fixed a bug causing the Content Library UI to display incorrectly on Safari
  • Fixed a bug causing events to display out of order in some cases
  • Fixed a bug where click area on play button was too small
  • Improved mobile events UI
  • Fixed a bug causing thumbnails on videos not to display on video load
  • Fixed a bug where draft content was visible for some users

August 2, 2023

  • Fixed a bug that caused the content library to flash upon load for some users
  • Improved the community name change flow so you're not asked to log back in
  • Fixed a bug impacting Safari users being able to view PDFs on feed posts
  • Improvements to mobile UI for content library
  • Improvements to desktop UI for content library
  • Improved inbox commands
  • Fixed a bug affecting admin logins on MemberUp University
  • Fixed a bug impacting coupon use in edge cases
  • Improved UI on secondary menu
  • Fixed a bug causing a 400 error when inviting deleted members to rejoin

August 11, 2023

Sept 3, 2023

  • Added max-width to site to be 1440px so UI is neater and more condensed. An improved responsive experience.
  • UX Improvement: Add extra validation message on signup when password does not meet security requirements.
  • UI Improvement: New Community moderation design
  • UI Improvement: Admin labels displayed in Member Directory
  • UI Bug: Fixed Display of members with longer names
  • UI Bug: Added checkbox for event reminders
  • Collection of Creators timezone upon signup to ensure correct event timezone preferences.
  • UI Improvement: Spark setup screen on light theme was displaying incorrect drop shadow color.

Sep 14, 2023

  • Launched the all new Feed 2.0 🥳
  • Fixed a bug blocking Admins from editing/deleting draft events and creators from editing/deleting published events
  • Implemented new emoji picker fixed with new Feed 2.0
  • Fixed a bug causing some inline links to be marked as invalid
  • Improvement: Feed loading optimization
  • Fixed a bug with how posts were displayed in search with Feed 2.0
  • Fixed a bug where old posts titles were unable to be edited with Feed 2.0
  • Bug Fix: Space null issue
  • Fixed a bug causing member last active date not to show on profile hover
  • Fixed a bug causing deleted posts to show up in search
  • Fixed a bug blocking posts from being edited on post detail view
  • Change: Removed transaction fee for Infinite plan

Sep 19, 2023